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TAYMYR - Breeder of the year 2005 – all breeds in Denmark.


I am very proud to have participated in the breeders class from Taymyr Kennel all year.

Both Fister and Queenie matched perfectly with Heidi’s & Jesper’s Queenie daughter Taymyrs Twisted Sister “Twister” and Henrik’s Queenie daughter Taymyrs Top of the Pups “Lamse”.

Breeder of The Year

Breeders Class in Herning. Henrik is watching the class from ringside (at the left - in red jacket)
Foto: Maj Tryk ©/Linda Arleth

Henrik is always official at the Danish Kennel Club show’s and therefore not able to participate, but his sweet girlfriend Anne was luckily keen on the idea. So with Henrik supervising Heidi, Jesper, Anne and Me - we were … simply the best. It was I dream come true for Heidi & Henrik, and the rest of us just went along for ride, did our best, and had a great time.

Breeder of The Year

From left Fister, Queenies daughter Twister, Queenies littersister Kjudi
and Queenie herself
Foto: Maj Tryk ©/Linda Arleth

Breeder of the year is not something coming to you over night. It takes years of hard work breeding to your standards, getting the right puppies picked out to showing, and finally if you have done your homework well – 4 adult animals with the exact right type, colour & expression. That and a little bit of luck is what Taymyr achieved last year.

Heidi and Henrik thank you for choosing me to have, to love and to show several of your wonderful Taymyrs Siberians.

Congratulations on your award Top Breeder 2005 – I will say for my part, it was very well deserved.